The renal transplant

Iran is a vast country in the Middle East.

The renal transplant program in Iran is one of the
successful programs in the region. In 1988, a
controlled live unrelated renal transplant program was started in Iran because of a low
numbers of live related donors and because
cadaveric renal transplant program was not
established completely at that time.

Finally, therenal transplant waiting list of the country was
eliminated by the end of 1999 (2).

Recently, in the annual report of NAPRTCS
(3), 48.6% of all transplants were from deceased
donor, 41.2% were from a parent, with the
remaining 10.2% from other living donors.

In developing countries, the donor sources vary
depending on cultural and ethical status.

In some countries, most transplants are from living
related donors, such as Egypt and some Asian
countries (4).

In contrast, in some other countries, the majority of transplants are from
deceased donors such as South Africa, Thailand..