About Us

medical services in iran

About Us

Ay health company was established in the middle of 2019 with the aim of identifying and providing the best medical services in iran and in the first step set up its office in Hazrat Rasool Akram Hospital.

In the first step, this group did its best to set up an appropriate mechanism to facilitate communication between the doctors of the contracted centers and international applicants in various ways, which leads to increasing client satisfaction, reducing expectations, controlling treatment costs and competition. 

Reception was very high in the region and the world.

Ay health company, along with increasing the number of clients from different countries of the world, tries to increase the level of services, before and after receiving patients, to provide conditions so that clients have no worries other than treatment and optimal use of medical services.

medical services in iran

Some of the services provided by ay health company are:

1- Facilitate the conditions of admission of clients at any hour of the day and night and provide medical services 24 hours a day, both in person and online

2- Providing high quality hospital clothing for those admitted to the covered centers.

3- Providing special hoteling items for the patient and his / her companion during the hospital stay

4- Creating a suitable mechanism for intra-city transportation and visa services for all clients from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure

5- Providing a special mini-bar for the admitted patients in accordance with the conditions and avoidances expected by the treating physician.

6- Negotiating contracts with medical centers, new research due to increasing demand from different countries.

about us ay health care

And other measures that have been taken in order to increase the level of satisfaction and use the power of well-known scientists in research centers,

contracted medicine, as the best medical centers in Iran known worldwide.

medical services in iran