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Shoulder Joint Replacement

Detailed compensation A detailed example is the same thing as a new, very good, very strong, nayyaz, with a surgeon, Brae Jayceinni, who is a compensation for Darid Darbara detailed it The joint of the K-Palai Bazwi Shama with the body of the Shama. I will choose a curve that rotates outside the shoulder of […]

Pelvic joint replacement

Pelvic joint replacement

Pelvic joint replacement Replacing the pelvic joint means removing all or part of the damaged pelvic joint and inserting the ball-like part or the ball and bowl together. In this surgery, the damaged bone and joint surfaces are replaced with prosthetic parts. Because these artificial parts are placed in the patient’s body, they are called […]

shoulder atheroscopy

Shoulder atheroscopy& tendon shoulder

shoulder atheroscopy During a shoulder atheroscopy , your surgeon inserts a small camera called an arthroscope into the shoulder joint. This camera displays images on a screen, and your surgeon uses these images to guide very small surgical instruments. This reduces pain for the patient, reduces the time required for recovery, and returns to normal […]