The choledochal cyst

The choledochal cyst

The choledochal cyst is one of the congenital diseases of the bile ducts in children, which is treated surgically.

During this surgery, the cyst is removed and the ducts are reconstructed using the intestine or duodenum.

Until now, this surgery was only performed in an open manner with a relatively large incision on the right side of the abdomen.

Dr. Seyed Mojtabi Mousavi Khoshdel, a specialist in pediatric surgery, for the first time in the country, succeeded in performing this complex surgery using the mini-laparoscopy method at Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) educational and therapeutic center.

In this advanced method, instead of making a big incision and cutting the abdominal muscles, several 5 mm incisions are used in the depth of the abdominal wall.

As a result, the complications and pain after the operation will be reduced and the scar of the abdominal wound will not appear after the operation

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