LASIK and LASEK eye surgery

LASٍEK and LASIK eye surgery (correction of refractive errors)

(LASIK and LASEK eye surgery)The cornea and lens of the eye help a lot to focus on the target body.

Now, if they are injured, which is called refractive error, the eye can no longer focus properly and will cause blurred vision, and in some cases, blurred vision is so severe that it eventually leads to impaired vision.

LASEK, LASIK and PRK surgeries and the selection of the best method to eliminate refractive errors in each person and according to the specific conditions of the person can be evaluated.


Before any procedure, patients should note that people with the same eye numbers with different eye conditions differ in terms of corneal thickness, corneal curvature, and the size of the tissue depth angle. Therefore, it should be noted that LASIK and LASIK eye surgery procedures suitable for one person with one eye number may not be suitable for another person with the same eye number.

LASIK and LASEK eye surgery in ayhealth

What is LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK is a type of eye surgery that is performed to correct refractive errors in the patient in myopia, camera or astigmatism.

In most cases, on most patients, the person recovers and no longer needs to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Benefits and benefits of LASIK eye surgery:

  • 96%of people who perform this operation are satisfied with the result.
  • The patient suffers very little pain due to the use of anesthetic drops.
  • Vision improves after 1 day and immediately.
  • No stitches or bandages are needed after surgery.
  • After LASIK, patients’ need for glasses and lenses is greatly reduced.

What is LASIK?

Laser eye is one of the common and new surgeries to remove refractive errors. Many people who had a thin cornea and could not try other methods for their eye defects, with the entry of LASEK into the medical world were able to solve all their eye problems. To eliminate.

A great change has been made with the arrival of LASEK in the world and medicine. Laser eye surgery is a combination of the advantages of LASIK and PRK. The operation was performed to prevent the removal of a thick layer from the cornea by LASIK.

In this method, instead of removing the thick layer, only the surface layer of the cornea that is reversible is removed. In other words, it can be said that LASEK was created in order not to touch the middle of the cornea. This makes it more robust to use LASIK in eye surgery.

Benefits and benefits of LASIK eye surgery

As mentioned above, LASEK operation arises from the advantages of the other two methods. This means that the benefits of LASIK surgery are enormous. In this section, we will review some of the most significant benefits of LASEK surgery. Taking medicine after surgery has a short duration.

LASIK and LASEK eye surgery in ayhealth

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