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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What services can be provided by the hospital?

Hospital’s services and facilities:

This hospital has 29 units which include emergency, ICU, CCU, Surgery ICU, Internal ICU, Infants ICU, Surgery Room 1, Surgery Room 2, Surgery Room 3, Brain Surgery, Neurology, Nervous System ICU, Gynecology, Orthopedics, ENT, Internal 2, Psychiatry, Nephrology, Internal 1, Blood, Skin, Children’s ICU, Pain, Angiography, Internal General, transplant, allergy department, immunology, psychomotor.
The average number of active beds in the complex is 640.

Complex clinics include:

Skull Base Clinic, Sleep Memory, Heart Arrhythmia, Heart Failure, Heart Surgery- Internal heart – Pregnant mothers heart – ECG – Lung – Endocrine – Densitometry -Rheumatology – Internal – Infections – Nutrition – Gastroenterology – Urology – Transplantation – Vascular Surgery-Colorectal Surgery – Wound and Ostomy – Laparoscopy – Thoracic Surgery -Head & Neck Surgery – General Surgery – Dermatology Clinic – Orthopedics – Medicine Exercise – Traditional Medicine – Ophthalmology – Anesthesia – Pain – Psychology – Nephrology – ENT -Pediatrics, Oncology, Genetics, Radiotherapy, Gynecology, Chemotherapy- Thalassemia – Family planning – Vaccination – Forensic doctor – Allergy clinic – Laser.

Laboratory – Specialty eye clinics including:

Orbit, Glaucoma, General Eye

Strabismus, Neuropathology, Eye Angiography, Retina, Ultrasound, BetaCom, OCT, Perimetry, Cornea, Ophthalmic Surgery – Optometry – LASIK – Surgery Clinic-Neurology – Internal Neurology – Occupational Medicine – Paraclinical Neurology – Physiotherapy -Speech Therapy – Occupational Therapy – Nerve Tape – Dressing and Plastering.

Operation Rooms of the center:

General operations room with 10 beds – Eye and brain surgery room with 12 beds – ENT operation room with 5 beds.

Surgery Services of the center:

General Surgery – Breast Cancer Surgery – Colorectal Surgery – Cervical Cancer Surgery – Kidney Surgery – Gastrointestinal Surgery – Cervical and thyroid Surgery.

Specialized orthopedic surgeries, including:

Hand, Shoulder, Knee, Pelvis, Spine, Arthroscopic-Surgical Replacement

Kidney Transplant – Pediatric Kidney Transplant – Cardiac Surgery – Pediatric Cardiac Surgery -Specialty Ophthalmic Surgery – Thoracic Surgery – Skin Surgery – Surgery-ENT ENTITIES – Skull base surgeries – Gynecological surgeries-Minimally Invasive Surgery-Neurosurgery-Parkinson’s Surgery-Cochlear Surgery – LASIK Surgery – Vascular Surgery – Obesity Surgery -Plastic surgeries

2. What paraclinical services are performed in the hospital?

Imaging and diagnostic facilities include:

MR 5 / 1. Tesla Device-CT Scan-Digital Radiology-Ultrasound-Doppler-TCD-

Adult Echo-Specialized Echo-Pediatric Heart Echo-Exercise Test-Lung Test

– Nuclear Medicine Allergy Test-

Paraclinical Units of the Center:

Physiotherapy – Skin Laser – Eye Laser – Auditory – Odor Test – Nutrition – Vaccination – Laboratory – Sport Medicine – Physical Medicine – Occupational Health – Obesity Clinic – Optometry – Medicine Physical and Rehabilitation – Family Planning Section – Forensic Medicine – Dressing and Wearing Department – Sleep Testing Unit – Work Therapy – Speech Therapy

4. Are there any separate facilities dedicated to foreign patients?

– Yes the hospital has an active IPD unit and its ready to receive patients and provide services at anytime day and night. In 2019, Rasoul Akram hospital contracted Ay Health to administer the foreign patients department in order to improve the quality of the provided services.

5. Are the lodging and embassy services provided to foreign patients before and during their stay in the country?

-Yes. All of the services mentioned above and also urban transport service, private interpreter and planning sightseeing tours of Iran are provided via Ay Health company if requested.

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