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Corona Virus Vaccine Injection :

Head of Razi Vaccine Institute: After receiving 3 doses of Coopars vaccine, you can no longer wear a mask

Ali Ishaqi, Head of Razi Vaccine and Cold Research Institute:

The first and second doses are injectable and the third dose is inhaled, and by injecting the first and second doses, immunity is created in the body, but the problem is that there is no immunity in the upper respiratory tract so the virus can nest at the end of the nose.

In this case, the person is safe and does not get sick, but is a carrier of the virus and can spread the disease to other people who are not safe.

When the third inhaled dose is used, a person can remove their mask after 14 days, and now it is announced in the world that even with the vaccine, people should continue to wear the mask, but after the third inhaled dose of Coopars, the person will no longer be a carrier of the virus.